Control the Moisture. Control the Mold.

We don’t get into the Mold Hysteria, we get to the source and solve the problem.  In recent years, there has been a lot of hysteria about mold, resulting in lawsuits, schools closing, frustrated contractors and clients facing huge expense in repairs as a result of the damage.

The bottom line: Mold is part of our natural environment, we just don’t want it to be part of our home’s environment.

Mold is everywhere.  It has a purpose: to eat dead organic material.  Organic material is material that was once living, like the wood used to build your home.  If it’s organic and dead and wet – Mold knows it’s job: Eat it.  It’s that simple.

Our job is to control the “Wet” so Mold loses its job.  We attack the “Wet” from all angles: Liquid (Rainwater); Vapor (Humidity) and Ground Water (water table – yes, there’s a lot of action going on underground that you can’t see but we see the damaging results of it everyday).  When all parts of the system are addressed properly and are operational, it changes the environment so that Mold’s food source is eliminated.  Control the Moisture – Control the Mold.

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