Crawlspace air is bad.

The crawlspace and the living space make up the home you live in. You can’t have one part of your home sick, and another part healthy. You can’t rationalize you never go in the crawlspace, so you aren’t affected by it. Your crawlspace and living space share the same air. In fact 40 to 60% of the air you breathe is generated from your crawlspace. We consider your crawlspace the first floor of your home.

You care about your crawlspace because you care about:

  • Money: Utility costs, home repair costs, resale value
  • Health: your home rotting, mold, allergies, asthma
  • Comfort: cold floors, drafts, and smells
  • Appearance: how long paint lasts on your house, doors and windows sticking, hardwood floors buckling, carpets going moldy
  • Longevity: maintaining the structural integrity of your home
  • Resale Value: Home buyers today understand there are many problems that lurk in crawl spaces. An encapsulated crawlspace is peace of mind for home buyers.

Crawlspace problems don’t require a creative solution…They require a thorough knowledge and application of building science.


You paid your Contractor to put Plastic, Sand or Cement  down to solve your moisture problem. Why didn’t it?

Water flows right over plastic and holds it there; Sand does not displace water; Water can “wick” up Concrete up to a linier mile. 


Pumps and Sumps are a vital piece of solving the crawlspace moisture problem . . . But no matter how you put it: A laundry basket simply is NOT a Sump and This condensate pump application is like trying to siphon your pool with a drinking straw . . . It just won’t handle the job.


Moisture is the biggest factor in compromising the structural integrity of your home . . . Structural Repairs from moisture damage are extremely costly and pointless if you haven’t solved the problem that got you there.


Dehumidifiers are another vital piece of solving the moisture problem in your crawlspace . . . But  without the entire moisture control system, it cannot be effective.  Expecting a dehumidifier in a non-encapsulated crawlspace to control the moisture is like putting a small space heater in the front yard on a 25 degree day and expecting it to keep the yard toasty warm.


Fans in the crawlspace are such a bad idea.  They actually accelerate moisture damage because they pull in the moisture laden air into the crawlspace especially during the peak wetting season and Summer months.  Bad Idea !


There is absolutely nothing wrong with ducting a house with Flex or Hard Pipe . . . Unless it’s in a dirt crawlspace where neither is a good choice.   The moisture conditions in a crawlspace deteriorate the insulated flex duct and obviously rust the metal.  People should not have to replace their ductwork .   It’s the system that delivers the air your family breathes . . . Shouldn’t it be done right ?!